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Enlightened Leadership: Organizational Development June 2009 Meeting

Posted in Organizational Development, Programs by Michael Cardus on May 20, 2009


June Meeting Announcement


Enlightened Leadership:

How women are transforming the practice and art of leadership

if you wish to attend please contact –  

Thursday, June 4, 2009

9 am to Noon

(Meet at 9, begin at 9:30)


Location: New Era Cap, 160 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202


What is Enlightened Leadership?

Women have the capacity to forever change the traditional practice and art of leadership.  What is this capacity?  What is the common thread between women leaders in business, education, politics and culture that has the potential to move us toward enlightened leadership? What is the balance between men and women that releases the potential of enlightened leadership?  What is the performance impact of enlightened leadership that makes it such an appealing agenda?



Global uncertainty has affected our sense of security about the future.  This is a time for introspection and shedding of outdated and exclusionary modes of hierarchy, privilege, and power.  But there is risk that the dialogue will shift from how women leaders can compete with their male counterparts to whether they want to stay in the game.  What can we, as practitioners, do to further the agenda of enlightened leadership?  What can we do to encourage women to remain and thrive in the game?


Janet Thirlby is a consultant who specializes in personal and strategic business transformation, board retreats, seminars and training.  Her role in the transformational work of business and personal growth is as facilitator, coach, teacher and friend.  Jan can be reached at

Michael Cardus 



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