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Gen Z – what comes next?

Posted in Organizational Development, Succession Planning, Team Development by Michael Cardus on July 28, 2009

I came across this amazing article about generation Z – the children of Gen Y kids. One thing that stood out to be is the unique naming and the increased individuality of Gen-Z, which is the opposite of the team mentality of Gen-Y.
As I read it I was amazed and kept thinking how will this apply to our organizations as many of us will teach, hire, train, work with and lead genZ.
Please read the article and I would be interested in hearing any of your thoughts and perspectives.
Here is small clip: to read the entire article click here
How does this affect the workplace? A wider range of people can do cognitively challenging jobs. And, if you think Gen Y is obnoxious about being better at processing information than the older people, think how Gen Y will feel when the next generation tells them their IQ is much higher. And they’re right. Gen Y will be getting on the Adderall bandwagon to stay competitive the way Baby Boomers today get on Facebook.


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