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Members- Advice From the Experts Session

Posted in Facilitation, Programs by Michael Cardus on January 31, 2010

February 12 meetingMember ‘Advice from the Experts’ session

New Era Cap – 160 Delaware, Buffalo NY

9:00 to 9:30 Gathering and Networking

9:00 to Noon


Who are the experts?

We are! Each of us has information and insights that are valuable to others in the group. This session will be an opportunity to tap into the wealth of knowledge that exists among our members.

First, we’ll explore the current economy and discuss how to tap into the opportunities and challenges that it offers from both the external and internal consultant point of view. In a round robin discussion each attendee will be invited to offer their personal perspective on the future of the economy and its potential impact on their kind of OD practice.

In the second part, the longer part of the morning, we’ll explore ideas for dealing with OD related issues that members are facing that they would like help to address. As an internal consultant you are invited to present an OD related problem/issue/challenge you are dealing with in your company. Or, as an external consultant, you may have a business or client issue to present to the group to solicit advice/ideas/thoughts. (The format is a facilitated open group conversation.)

Bring your challenges and your ideas for a lively, productive morning. Your input to help fellow members will be welcomed and appreciated. And you can walk away with some new insights into your work.

We look forward and learning from you.

Michael Cardus


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