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Posted in ODN of WNY Members, Organizational Development, Programs by Michael Cardus on March 30, 2010

April Meeting Announcement
“OD Perspectives: A Historical Overview, Current Practice,
and Thoughts about the Future”


Presenters: Barbara Bunker and Denny Gallagher
Friday, April 9
9am to noon (meet at 9:00, begin at 9:30)
New Era Cap, 160 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202

Meeting Overview
Two of our members, Barbara Bunker and Denny Gallagher, just attended The New Organizational Development
Conference sponsored by NTL in Washington, DC. During the conference, scholars from around
the world gathered with practitioners to talk about the relationship of theory to practice. The
group listened to Bob Marshak, Ken and Mary Gergen, as well as scholars working with them
from the UK and Australia.

During the meeting, Barbara and Denny will recap the experience and share with you ideas
from the conference. They will also make available some materials from the conference. Some
of the topics you can expect to hear about include:
Is there a new theory we could be using in our practice?
• What’s the role of Chaos theory in OD?
• How can understanding the world from a social constructionist point of view help OD


Interested in attending please contact Michael Cardus

Mike Cardus


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