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7 Steps to High Performance Teams

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September Meeting Announcement

“Developing and Leading High Performance Teams”

Presenter: Mike Cardus team building & leadership, organizational development buffalo ny
Friday, September 10
9am to noon (meet at 9:00, begin at 9:30)
New Era Cap, 160 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202


Meeting Overview

Join us for a session focused on the development and leadership of high performance teams,
plus discussion of organizational implications for team development and accountability of
mixed level work teams.

What is the purpose of our time together?
  • To supply you with tools and techniques to create and lead resonant, high performance
  • To discover ways to increase retention of talent, decrease completion time of projects
    and tasks, and improve satisfaction with work and life, thereby making your
    organization, team, and you better and more profitable.
  • You will learn how to hone, utilize, and develop interpersonal and political skills that are
    needed for more than successful completion of projects and goals, leading to an
    increase in your value to the team and organization.
What is in it for me?
You will walk away from this workshop with:

  • The 8 steps to develop high performance teams.
  • Skills and techniques to ensure resolution and commitment to each step.
  • A community of professionals that will share resources, best practices, and serve as
    solution finders to personal and team concerns within your organization.

Coffee and a light snack will be served. Additional refreshments are available for purchase in
the New Era cafeteria by requesting a visitor’s pass from the Donna, the lobby receptionist.

Speaker Bio

Michael Cardus founded Create-Learning, a Buffalo NY-based learning and consulting firm that
provides experiential development to create great experiences for improved performance and
lasting memories. He facilitates, educates, and speaks with groups in a variety of settings
including Fortune 500 Companies, small businesses, universities and classrooms. Best known
for his high energy and creativity, Mike has facilitated groups from as small as two to as many
as three thousand.
Mike’s knowledge spans team building, team development, leadership development, creativity,
and organizational process management; he holds a Green Belt in Six Sigma. He combines a
unique mix of experience, theory, creativity and organizational psychology to ensure his
presentations are hands on, fully involving and educationally powerful. Mike’s practice focuses
on developing accountability and collaboration amongst and within teams, and on leadership
By focusing on the strengths and similarities that people on teams already possess, teams begin
to view their sameness as opposed to their differences. When teams see sameness and learn to
value differences as points of strength, then information starts to be shared and team
accountability comes into being. The end result of these processes is increased retention of
team members, increased team member satisfaction and increased profit.

Michael Cardus
Twitter: @teambuildingny


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