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Organizational Development Membership Greatness October, 2010

Posted in ODN of WNY Members by Michael Cardus on November 2, 2010

Here is what our amazing membership is up-to;

Lori Miller

I have also started a new venture this year, another company called Healthy Workforce Today which has just gone to market this 4th quarter.  It is a training company that teaches individuals and organizations how to better manage health care services and spending.  The website is

We have our foundational ½ day PREHAB Level 1  training for employees that teach individuals how to make better lifestyle choices, manage medical service utilization and reduce unnecessary out of pocket spending.   Our PREHAB Level II is a full-day program that teaches anyone in the organization responsible for business health care costs how to develop and implement an effective Health Care Management strategy with measurement and metrics.


Susan Woods

Susan Woods has a new resource for the Expert’s Forum of The Workforce Diversity Network, a national diversity network headquartered in Rochester.  Her latest contribution is a working paper:  Thinking About Diversity Related Conflict-Resolution:  Respect, Recognition and Learning.   Everyday Collaborative Conflict Resolution Quick Study Tutorial is also available.

She also just completed two presentations:  1) a session at the Buffalo Niagara Human Resources Association conference on Empowering Workplace Conflict Resolution  and 2) Negotiating to Close the Deal:  Strategy and Skills for the Canisius College Women’s Business Center.


Michael Cardus

Facilitated a 6 hours learning session for the 2010 ASQ Buffalo Lean Six Sigma Conference.

Developing :: Leading :: Being Part of Effective 6 Sigma Teams…

Session Power Point

Team Development Content Packet

Plus Michael is a contributing author to Michelle Cummings of Training Wheels book "Setting the Conflict Compass"…to read more click here 


Hope to read about the great stuff that your organization, team and you are doing; To add to Novembers ODNWNY Membership greatness here are the guidelines;

Send us a brief description of something great happening in your world.
Some ideas:

  • You have a new product (book, audio program, DVD, etc.)
  • You appeared in the media (TV, radio, magazine, newspaper, web, etc.)
  • Your team is doing amazing work (be sure to describe)
  • You led a powerful organizational development program
  • You’re working with an interesting client / customer
  • You found a new and important resource

When you tell us about what’s going on with you be sure to include a link if you have one so the reader can learn more.
We’re looking for news that is a "Class 1" experience:
    •    feels good
    •    is good for you
    •    is good for others
    •    serves the greater good


thank you…


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