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Using Systems Thinking to Build More Effective Organizations

Posted in Organizational Development, Programs by Michael Cardus on January 28, 2011


February 2011 Meeting Announcement

“Using Systems Thinking to Build More Effective Organizations”

Presenter: Richard Wehlespinningdots
Friday, February 11
9am to noon (meet at 9:00, begin at 9:30)
New Era Cap, 160 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14202


Meeting Overview

Many of us try to solve problems by addressing the parts and pieces and fix them one at a time.
But too often our solutions didn’t work. Our decisions, although made with the best of intentions and based on our best understanding of the situation, end up with unintended consequences.

Why? Because when we focus the parts and pieces we lack the ability to see
how they are interacting with each other – as a system. Fixing one part impacts others which,
in turn, impacts others and changes the original situation. The result is something we can’t
anticipate – it comes as a surprise.
For example, in OD work, you might work with one group with the intent of making them more
effective only to discover that the changed group impacts others in unexpected ways leading to
confusion and friction within the larger organizational structure.
System Thinking is a framework to seeing relationships rather than things; to see the forest
and the trees. It is a seeing ‘whole,’ not just a part. It is seeing structures that underlie complex
systems. With Systems Thinking as a tool you can shift your understanding and see the systems
– how the parts and pieces interact. Your group is able to ‘see the big picture’ and develop
better, longer lasting results.

Speaker Biography

Richard E. Wehle would probably be most accurately described as a successful entrepreneur
who provides management-consulting services to other privately held companies. He assists
these client companies in the areas of personnel assessment, management training and
organizational structures and systems.
Having spent several years in his own family’s business, Dick has an extensive knowledge of the
problems and circumstances peculiar to family-owned businesses, forming Organizational
Development Associates over 25 years ago.
Yet, he is also fully conversant with corporate America; after earning his B.A. at Fordham, he
went on to attend the M.B.A. program at the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton
School of Business.
Dick is consulting with a number of successful local businesses along with work with national
and multi-national organizations. He started and was first Chairman of the Canisius
Entrepreneur Center, dedicated to perpetuating local privately held businesses.

And hold your calendars for our next meeting on March 11…

michael cardus


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