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January ODNWNY Membership Greatness.

Posted in ODN of WNY Members by Michael Cardus on February 14, 2011


Pete Wendel

announced a new name for his company Life-Work-Transitions. The name that is more descriptive of the firms new focus: Coaching Business Owners at Key Transition in their Careers and Lives.

Transition can mean many things – not just retirement. It can can be moving into a new business, relocating to different area, different leadership role within the business, ownership change, etc.

Although every business owner’s situation is different, Life-Work-

Transitions leads them in three key steps:

  • Choose your Personal Future
  • Decide your Company’s Future
  • Make a Successful Transition

Check out the company’s new web site at


Lori Miller and Dionne Kress

What’s new for Developing Professionals this year is the development of a Leadership Excellence Program that focuses on developing core competencies for leaders in the areas of – Strengths, Performance, and Relationships. This three day experiential program will be held at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville on March 2, 3  and 4th. In addition, two hours of follow-up coaching will be provided.

In is a joint program that Developing Professionals and D.M. Kress will be offering.


Michael Cardus

Mike has released an e-book “Leading Awesome Team Building Programs

In this 55 page E-book you will find applicable strategies, team-building activities, facilitation, de-briefing, and processing activities + theory that you can use immediately.

You can read more about it here….


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