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Employees Engagement and Innovation Viewed as a Systemic Process

Posted in Organizational Development, Team Development by Michael Cardus on December 12, 2012

In organization development we are entering a time of VUCA ( volatile; uncertain; complex; ambiguous )  and this creates a paradoxical need for felt stability  while employees, management, products, and processes are changing.

This made me consider employee engagement and its direct link to innovation through making meaningful progress ( small wins ) in work that matters to people.

Below is a chart created called the 5 Levers of Employee Engagement.

5 Levers for Employee Engagement_chart-001

The argument behind the 5 Levers is that engagement can happen on a short term basis and is the build up of interactions between the employee and manager.

The innovation and engagement arises from each of the 5 Levers being used together to allow employees to feel respected, employed to their full-capacity and able to do their great work within boundaries set by the organization.

Organizations and organization development practitioners need to think outside the personality traits and dig deeper into the systems of the organization that drive behavior towards longevity and shared goals.

As we continue to see VUCA increase, this is when OD has the ability to enter and develop systems to drive behaviors that will serve as buffers and create an organization that is able to flex and not break under the changes taking place. Developing a purposeful focus on the 5 levers of Employee Engagement is a great place to start.

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