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Emotions and Defensiveness In The Workplace–March 2013 ODN of WNY Meeting

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Organization Development Network (ODN) of WNY

March 2013 Meeting Announcement

Emotions and Defensiveness In The Workplace

Ethan Schutz

Thursday March 14 8:30 am to 11:30 am (8:30 am to 9:00 am – networking; 9:00 am to 11:30 am – meeting)
Canisius Center for Professional Development 300 Corporate Parkway, Suite 130, Amherst, NY 14226

Meeting Overview

Emotions have a huge impact in the workplace. Our emotions can create passion and drive resulting in great achievement, or at times can derail our best-laid plans.This impact becomes more and more magnified at higher levels. When leaders fail to manage emotions effectively, the result can be organizational chaos.

The ability to manage our emotions depends not only on being aware of our emotions, but also understanding what triggers them, and how they connect to our behavior. By understanding the workings of emotions in the workplace, we are better able to perform to our full capacity, make teams most effective, lead better, resolve conflict, respond to changing circumstances, and innovate.

In this session, we will use a model called FIRO theory to understand how underlying emotions are tied to behavior and how and why we become defensive and resistant. Understanding and working with emotions and defenses is crucial for high performance. Yet, this is also the area that holds the most promise for real, lasting behavioral change. We will also discuss how FIRO theory can quickly be applied at all levels of the organization from Leadership to Customer Service.

Speaker Bioimage

Ethan Schutz is President of The Schutz Company, a consulting and publishing company and provider of the LIFO® Method and The Human Element® approach. He promotes, encourages, and directs the use, development, and expansion of these bodies of work in the US. Globally, he nurtures and grows the LIFO and Human Element communities, made up of practitioners and partners in over 30 countries. He delivers training, coaching, and in-depth practitioner training programs to support consultant excellence and creativity.

Ethan worked with his father, Will Schutz, PhD, creator of FIRO theory and The Human Element—a body of work designed to improve individual, team, and organizational effectiveness through self-awareness and direct, honest communication. He contributed to Human Element-based program design, the revision of the FIRO-based Elements of Awareness instrument series, and research for the book, The Human Element. He authored a chapter in The Human Element @ Work, a field book of worldwide use of The Human Element, which described his experience teaching conflict resolution skills at Columbia University using The Human Element methodology.

Specializing in consulting, training, and coaching using The Human Element, Ethan delivers Human Element workshops, coaching and certification courses on The Human Element to clients of various industries and organizations. He focuses on the areas of leadership, team building, and group facilitation, as well as integrating The Human Element into in-depth leadership and management programs.

Location Notes

The Canisius Center for Professional Development is located in Amherst, NY.
Directions: Take the 290 expressway, and exit on Millersport Highway going north. At the first light (by the Marriott), make a left on to Flint Road. Make a left turn on to Maple Road. At the next signal, make a left turn on to Corporate Parkway. At the stop sign, turn right. The building is on your left side. The parking lot (no charge) is on your right. Complimentary coffee is available.


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