Organization Development Network of Western New York

What is Evaluation and Why Should You Care? Meeting Notes

Via Evaluation shared their presentation and meeting notes from the Organization Development Network of WNY May Meeting.

Evaluation” and “data-based decision making” are common terms that are understood to varying degrees, but not always put into practice. People use evaluative thinking and make “data-based” decisions every day. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, you might look at nutrition information to decide whether to eat an apple or a candy bar. Or, your organization might decide to use one training program over another based on employee feedback and previous results of the program.

However, formal evaluation that elicits information that represents reality and facilitates accurate data-based decisions can be challenging. We will provide an interactive introduction to formal evaluation that will answer:

  • What is evaluation?
  • Why would I do evaluation?
  • How do I do evaluation?


What did you think?

What about the meeting was of value to you? How do you evaluate your own work? What more about evaluation do you want to know?


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