Organization Development Network of Western New York

Advice for Internal Organization Development Consultants

Posted in Organizational Development by Michael Cardus on February 18, 2014

The Organization Development Network of Western NY has a healthy blend of internal consultants OD people who work for and are internal to a company and external consultants OD people who are independent and may work with multiple companies at once. Each requires many overlapping and different skills, competencies and behaviors.

In this 2 page article Fred Nickols shares the ‘Consulting Success Triangle

Organization Development techniques for internal consultants

Listing 6 areas of sameness and difference:

  • Diplomacy & Politics
  • Long Term Relationships
  • Living with Consequences
  • Subject to Authority
  • Assigned Projects
  • In-Depth Knowledge

This article is helpful for any Organization Development professional to read and reflect upon their impact and how they work with and navigate the 6 areas listed above.


What do you think?

Based upon the article and your experience what makes a successful internal consultant? How is this different if you are an outside consultant?


by – Michael Cardus


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