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Shared Leadership in Teams: Expanding Traditional Approaches to Leadership to Make Teams and Organizations More Effective October 2014 Meeting

Dr. Paul Tesluk of UB Center for Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness – CLOE

Shared Leadership in Teams: Expanding Traditional Approaches to Leadership to Make Teams and Organizations More Effective


Meeting Overview:

Why and how is leadership evolving to increasingly be more shared, distributed and networked, what might be the advantages for teams and organizations and what are potential approaches to build systems of shared leadership?

As organizations face increasing pressures to innovate, adapt and respond to dynamic and unpredictable challenges, a new paradigm of leadership is emerging. The traditional directive, top-down, hierarchical leadership approaches are being replaced by the need for emergent, flexible, highly responsive forms of leadership that comes from and is shared by those most directly engaged in the work itself. This session is design to explore the evolving nature of leadership to one that increasingly takes the form of being shared, distributes and networked and seek ways by which systems of shared leadership for teams can be supported. Incorporating findings from the latest research on shared leadership and using examples of innovative organizations that have developed a culture of shared leadership, this session is intended to provide a potential useful framework and strategies and tools to cultivate shared leadership and utilize it to its fullest capacity.


Through participating in this session, attendees will:

  1. deepen their perspective on the evolving nature of leadership to one that increasing take a form of shared leadership and the advantages (and potential limitations) associated with shared leadership,
  2. learn how OD practitioners can identify, describe and measure shared leadership, and (3) develop an awareness and understanding of potential factors that support the development of shared leadership systems in organizations.


Paul Tesluk (PhD) is the Donald S. Carmichael Professor of Organizational Behavior in the School of Management at the University at Buffalo, Chair of the Department of Organization and Human Resources and Academic Director of the Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. An organizational psychologist by training, much of his research and teaching focuses on the development of leadership and teams and organizational change. Paul is an elected Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the Society for Organizational Behavior, and Chair of the Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management, the world’s largest professional academic organization of organizational behavior scholars. Paul regularly teaches in several corporate development programs on topics involving leadership development, has extensive experience as an executive coach, and actively consults with organizations designing and implementing leadership development efforts.

Location Notes:

The Canisius Center for Professional Development is located in Amherst, NY. Directions: Take the 290 expressway, and exit on Millersport Highway going north. At the first light (by the Marriott), make a left onto Flint Road. Make a left turn on to Maple Road. At the next signal, make a left turn on to Corporate Parkway. At the stop sign, turn right. The building is on your left side. The parking lot (no charge) is on your right. Complimentary coffee is available.

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