Organization Development Network of Western New York

Organizational Development Network (ODN) of WNY September 15 2016 Meeting Announcement

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Organizational Development Network (ODN) of WNY September 15 2016 Meeting Announcement

Moving Inclusion Forward

Thursday September 15 2016 from 8:30am to 11:30am
(8:30 am to 9:00 am – networking; 9:00 am to 11:30 am – meeting)
YMCA Corporate Office 301 Cayuga Road Suite 100, Buffalo, New York 14225


Moving Inclusion Forward: Policy and Practices to Leverage the Power of Diversity.
Presented by Susan Woods

An organization that does not learn from its diversity is wasting its resources.
Is diversity in place but not in play at your organization? Much of the work with diversity focuses on recruitment, retention and workplace relationship building. To what extent is your organization learning from its diversity? This interactive session will explore possibilities to leverage the value of diversity and inclusion for problem-solving and improved performance outcomes. Each of us interprets and negotiates the world around us through the lens of our diversity – our own identity, culture and experience. Yet the potential of this resource, diversity of thought, is often overlooked and mismanaged. Working with a research-validated organizational model for workplace inclusion, participants will draw from practical experience and professional reflection to identify policy and practices for leveraging the power of diversity. Join us to engage in a collaborative, systemic exploration of workforce diversity and organization inclusion.

Workshop Objectives —
Participants will walk away with sharpen understanding of:
 Diversity of Thought: The concept of “More-Than-One-Way”
 Experiencing Value from Diversity of Thought: Success Stories
 Linking Workforce Diversity with Performance Outcomes
 Key Organizational Strategy Questions and Policy and Practice Options
 A Systems Perspective for Leveraging Diversity of Thought
Session Facilitator: Susan Woods, Managing Partner, Henderson Woods, LLC

Short bio: Susan Woods is a workplace trainer, educator and facilitator with extensive experience in diversity and inclusion culture change, interest-based conflict resolution, and labor relations. Her working paper, “Thinking about Diversity of Thought,” is available online at:


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